Client Testimonials

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada (FBNN) highly recommends Communications Discount Group. Brett is easy to work with and is thorough in the work he does. FBNN was able to see significant monthly savings on the phone bill. He answered all of our questions regarding the changes and stood beside us until the job was complete. We are completely satisfied and thank him for his help through this process.
Brian Edwards

Chief Financial Officer, Food Bank of Northern Nevada

Brett helped our company cut our monthly bill by 25% while increasing our bandwidth from 10Mbps to 100Mbps and paying a fraction of the cost on our calls. With our location it’s hard to find alternative ISP’s so far from the city. Brett pushed and pushed until our new ISP agreed to run new lines (at no extra cost to us). CDG remained on top of the implementation from beginning to end, and even checking in after the switchover. Brett is now handling our phone system refresh. CDG provides unbiased options and knows what products/services to match to any customer’s needs.

Justin Tatum

Systems Analyst/Engineer, Rostra Precision Controls, Inc.

I would strongly recommend working with Brett [CDG] to anyone who is nervous or unsure about how to proceed with switching over to VOIP telephone service. He provided a balanced opinion on the pros and cons for each systems and then walked us through the process step by step. He even checked back in after a few months to make sure things were still going well. Our service performs as advertised and we are happy with the extra flexibility it provides.

Colby Young

Vice President, Edge Plastics, Inc.

1. Helping the client to review existing ISP specs and agreements and assess all the options client has
2. Creating a list of possible ways to move to new communication provider
3. Working with provider (Comcast in our case) to get the best possible deal for the client
4. Being involved in all the steps of implementation
5. Following up later during production to assure customer satisfaction
All together it was a great I wouldn’t do by myself without your experience , deep knowledge of the technology , hardware and logistics involved

Thank you for the great job!

Luda Kipnis

IT Manager, Good Earth Lighting, Inc.

I’m not sure how Brett found us, but we were in need of an impartial judge of telephony, networking and general data comm. Brett is very knowledgeable, took the time to explain the technology, typical uses, examples of how used and navigated us through the pros/cons of various solutions. We are repeated users of Brett’s services and continue to be pleased.

Mark Grondy

IT Manager, Tata Steel International (Americas)

For Seafreeze, the use of a VOIP phone system was completely new to us. Brett walked us from start to finish on the whole process, which made the transition quite smooth. If it wasn’t for his involvement, I’m not sure we would have pursued the VOIP system.

James Barbera

Sales Director, Seafreeze, Ltd

Brett Curle from Communications Discount Group, has been a communications advisor for Terra Nova Trading, Inc. for more than 20 years. In the ten years that I’ve been here, he and the CDG have been an invaluable resource whenever we’ve had any questions or issues with our telephone systems. We recently moved to a bigger office and we decided to upgrade our telephone system as we were working in the dark ages and still using a single answering machine for the whole office. As we looked into other companies we also asked Brett to give us his recommendation for comparison. Brett then proceeded to answer all my questions about PRI systems, fiber versus cable, and how VoiP works while we were gathering, and trying to understand, quotes from other companies. Of course, after several months of research we decided to go with Brett’s recommendation. Our new phones and service work so well for our company. We will continue to use CDG services and recommend them to anyone that wants to have state of the art telephone systems.

Pilar Guillory and Andy Brissard

Account Managers, Terra Nova Trading

It can be both frustrating and discouraging to deal with large companies, especially in matters of Information Technology. As many of us know all to well, the way the large telecom/internet companies structure into silos creates a culture of deferrals on top of deferrals with little to no ownership. Brett is the ultimate weapon against these silos. Through our entire project, he was able to navigate these corporate hierarchies to get us results. He was the embodiment of a project manager with skin in the game. At every step, I felt he took personal responsibility to making sure the project was complete on budget and to my satisfaction. He knew who to push, how to push, and how to get things done. He had no hesitation with calling me after hours on my cellphone when I requested. He gave me ongoing, easy-to-understand updates at every step. I can’t recommend working with Communications Discount Group enough.

Rob Strating

Business Unit Manager, Marmon Retail Products (a Berkshire Hathaway Company)

Brett Curle has access to a number of providers and was able to recommend the right mix of products for our company. With his help we significantly increased the number of available telephone lines while cutting our overall cost for phone services.

Dessa Hix

Controller, International Sprout Holdings

Brett was instrumental in helping NHI get a clear picture of our telecommunications costs and our options, both domestically and for our operation in Mexico.   His ability to identify the right providers and see us through the selection and implementation was key to our current strategy which has saved us thousands.

Jason Hewitt

Marketing Manager, New Hampshire Industries

My number one reason would be that you provided a comprehensive search for the highest speed/lowest cost solutions for each region of the country.
Two, you tried to provide the same provider across the country. When you couldn’t you made sure we got the best available.
Third, you provided insight to the capabilities of each provider – installation time, tech support, quality of their service.
Fourth, if we had questions you got us someone to talk to.
Fifth, you stayed on top of things almost to the point of over communicating! LOL
Sixth, during our switchover week you made sure that any problems were addressed immediately!

John Sestak

MIS Manager, Interstate Chemical Co

Brett has been our communications advisor for more than 5 years and has always provided us with economical and useful ways to communicate better with our clients world-wide. I highly recommend Communications Discount Group as a helpful provider of reliable, and economical communications.

Gordon Thornhill

President, TK Exports

Our company has been using Communications Discount Groups’ services for over 10 years. They have been instrumental in helping us receive the best service for the best price. CDG has always fought for us and helped us resolve technical issues when the carriers response speed was slow or nonexistent. We couldn’t imagine not being supported by their professional team.

Allen Durie

Manager, International Supply Company

Thanks for all your hard work Brett, you are a rockstar!!
Martin Carruth

IT Manager, New South Construction Supply

“We’ve been considering upgrading our existing Avaya phone systems or moving to a cloud-based VoIP system. We are a non-profit so cost is very important, but we also have remote workers and the current system wasn’t able to support them. After meeting with Brett Curle it was clear that we needed to move to a cloud VoIP system. Brett is very familiar with the offerings and reliability of the major cloud providers so he was able to direct us to a provider that best fit our needs. Brett did some major negotiating on our behalf which made for an affordable solution for us and he didn’t stop supporting us after the contract was signed. He checked in with me on a regular basis until we were completely moved to the new system. The whole process was extremely smooth which wasn’t what I was expecting. I would definitely recommend Brett and CDG!” Carlton Whitmore

IT Manager of Disability Rights, Texas

I highly recommend Communications Discount Group. Brett was able to save our company a lot of money on our Internet/phone bill each month while greatly increasing our internet speeds. He was able to answer all of our questions regarding the changes and stood beside us until the job was complete. We are completely satisfied.

Mike Scott

IT Manager, Mills Floral Company

Brett was extremely helpful in helping us fight a battle with EarthLink. After closing out our account at the end of our three year contract with them and switching over to Comcast, we kept receiving monthly bills. We had worked with EarthLink for two months on renewal terms and were not able to come to a reasonable monthly fee. After calling EL customer service, and being told we would be credited for any undue amounts, that didn’t happen. We kept receiving monthly bills and were told because we didn’t send in a 30 day written notice we would not be credited back. But we had proof of our cancellation email and notations of the many phone calls to customer service. After numerous phone calls and promises, nothing was getting done. Brett advised us to take it a step further and report this not only to the Florida Consumer Services division but to the Federal FCC Division. After only 30 days we were granted credit for all money owed and the case was closed. We so appreciated Brett advising us to take this extra action with the State and Federal FCC departments to get this resolved. He is very helpful to his customers’ needs and is always available to take a phone call or answer an email.

Marla Cooke

Vice President, Walker Caribbean

Brett was a longtime friend of the Company and when I hired on to take control of the systems. He had invaluable advice for me that covered the outdated communications we were using. The transition that he recommended went smoothly, with no glitches and we have been happy with the results. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone.

Ralph A. Parsons

Systems Administrator, Dairy Engineering Co

I have worked with Brett Curle for years – changed three companies and Brett is always my main contact for all communication needs – he is very knowledgeable and has access to many providers depending on the need. He helped the first company save a lot of money on international calls. The second company he helped set up from the ground up with phone system, phone plan etc. Now on the third company, I am waiting for the expiration of the contract on the existing plan to get Brett to structure a better and more user friendly communication plan. I am glad his number never changed. Also, my home plan is still the one he set up 15 years ago!

Debora D'Amico

Dealer Support, Albertini Corporation

Brett provided us with friendly, third-party observations of alternative carriers and how we could best achieve our goals of maintaining quality service while reducing costs. He stayed in touch through the cutover and later when we moved our facility.

Greg Stetson

President, MAM-A Inc.

“Brett is a very knowledgeable consultant who is capable of giving advice on selection of Telecommunications and Data Networks. His company represents a broad range of Internet Service Providers so he can give you several options for any location nationwide. He is also conversant in the latest telephone systems and the relative merits of VOIP vs traditional phone systems. Once and order is placed through Brett he stays on top of the order until successfully installed and is committed to help with support issues throughout the life of the contract.”

Chuck Annis

CIO, The New Haven Companies, Inc.